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From The Director's Desk

Director's Message

It is a matter of great pride and privilege to be a part and parcel of such an educational institution where one can utilize and focus the energy in developing, motivating the students towards all round development. In this modern age of competition, I want my students to be the best in their field of choice and also come out as wholesome individuals with ethics and values.

As an administrator it is my duty to expose each of them in one way or other to bring out their hidden talents and to polish them in the curriculum too. I believe every human being is born with Intellectual Quotient. We at LEAF work towards developing the Spiritual and Emotional Quotient of students for their holistic development.

Any preschool's progress is always a team effort of the management, teachers and parents. Timely guidance and counselling is also given to parents for the benefit of the child, preschool and the country as a whole. I am pleased to see the pace at which the students and the preschool are winning acclaims and reaching great heights.

May God shower all his blessing and strength to fulfill the vision and mission of my preschool.

"Every child is a rare, unique and original masterpiece. Do not mould him/her into a showpiece."

Dr Alpa S Kotadia

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